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A Man Of War: Max Manus After fighting the communists in Finland, Max Manus returns to Nazi-occupied Norway. He joins the resistance but is arrested for his reckless behavior. After he manages to escape, Max receives military training in Scotland to commit sabotage missions on German supply ships. B..
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The Far North as you will never experience it: the stories and music of the people, the Inuit and the Saami, who live on the roof of the world in Canada and Sweden. The common thread is the caribou and the reindeer through their lives. The curious journey these animals take reveals the majestic land..
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Ocean Oasis is a fascinating journey into the abundant seas and pristine deserts of two strikingly different, yet inescapably connected worlds: The Mexican Sea of Cortès and the Baja California Desert. Which enormous natural forces are responsible for the creation of this unique area? Where do the s..
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