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Educational toys

The Bio-energy Science Kit is a great way to find out how a direct ethanol fuel cell works. Unlike most fuel cells that use hydrogen or methanol as a fuel source, the Bio-Energy Kit is a working demonstration of the conversion of ethanol into electrical energy. The process is silent, requires no com..
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Product description Experience the automotive technology of the future by building and driving your own hydrogen fuel cell car. With the latest generation of the H-Racer, H-Racer 2.0 (FCJJ-23), you can watch the process of electrolysis and the conversion of hydrogen into electrical energy. Both the ..
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The H-Racer is a micro version of what engineers and scientists dreamed of for real cars: combining hydrogen with oxygen to generate a direct current to power an electric motor. Unlike a gas-powered car engine, the only by-products are electricity and clean water. Horizon has created a unique, paten..
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Young engineers can invent their own clean energy applications from fuel cells and renewable hydrogen made with wind and water. Includes a real wind turbine that can inspire children to develop their own applications with a carbon-free fuel. Hydro WindPitch also features an LED Voltmeter/Music Maker..
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